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Me encantó! La representación de lo que es discutir con un fascista me pareció impecable. Un diseño muy creativo. :)


Muito bom!! Parabéns pela sacada genial, mano!

Ah, obrigado!


This game is pretty awesome! I love the way you invite a player to try doing things to discuss with a fascist and let the player by himself figure out it's impossible. Nice design, congrats for the simplicity, the effectiveness and the beautiful and coherent art!

Thank you!


Nice strawman, my friend. Have an ironic internet and do let me know when you *find* those actual fascists, 'kay?

Lol nice one 

Thank you. I love Communism!

Very good game! I like how it sticks with the theme of the jam. Also like how the fascist is made of walls. :) The last argument ain't one, so it can't be beaten!

Thank you =)

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Adorei esse jogo camarada! Pra valer hehehe Estou fazendo um boardgame sobre, justamente, o que acontece quando você está farto e percebe que não tem como mais dialogar.

Pois é, quando a coisa chega nesse nível de total negação da racionalidade fica impossível mesmo.

Thank you for this! <3 Played it

Cool! Thank you for playing =)